Portugal is much more than an idea…

… it’s a world of many worlds.


What makes us unique cannot be summed up in a single characteristic. It is an unrepeatable set of experiences, gestures, emotions, memories.

It’s this unique combination that makes us who we are, revealing our inimitable essence. Bringing a story with it, and opening up a future full of possibilities.

At Portfolio, we know that Portugal cannot be grasped in a single word. It’s an identity made of diversity. It’s unique. It is plural. It’s who we are.

Portfolio – Made of Portugal was born out of this vision

A country made of worlds waiting to be discovered, on an exciting journey that crosses the most characteristic flavors, the most fascinating culture, the most genuine handcraft, the most inspiring design and fashion. The matter of which we are made of. We carry Portugal in our soul.

That is why we have gathered the best of Portugal in a unique selection of authentic, original and quality brands and products that express everything that Portugal is made of. All that Portugal has to give.

Cross of Christ
Barcelos Rooster
Compass Rose

You can also find


The splendor of Portuguese Jewelry.

Flavors Corner

The freshness and lightness of Portugal’s most authentic flavors.

Exclusive products by Portfolio

Portugal is good at making things, and at Portfolio we want nothing but the best. That’s why we have developed an exclusive line of branded products, which beautifully represents our identity. Discover our selection of products and let yourself be inspired.