Portugal is much more than a country, it’s a place filled with emotion


The beginning of an exciting journey to meet the essence of a country. A lively, sensory, uplifting and surprising experience. Inspired by the best that Portugal has to give, the new store integrates elements of our identity as pine, cork, and the fabrics of Burel. 400 m2 of unique experiences, in a fluid and enveloping experience that stimulates the 5 senses through images, sounds, aromas, flavors and sensations. The new tasting experience area invites you to discover the wines and flavors of Portugal in a relaxed atmosphere. In the front zone, an interactive LCD panel shows the most vibrant side of our culture inviting you to immerse yourself in the immensity and the beauty of Portuguese sounds and landscapes.

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Portfolio Lisboa

Phone: 218 422 506

Email: geral@portfolio-store.pt

Address: Aeroporto Humberto Delgado, Portfolio Lisboa

1700-111 LISBOA

Store Opening Hours: 05:00h – 22:00h