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The Place where the World meets Portugal

Portugal is much more than an idea. It’s a world made of worlds. Portugal cannot be easily explained. It can be tasted, seen, listened to and felt. Portugal comes with us wherever we go. It’s relived in every memory, renewed at every moment and reveals itself in an unrepeatable encounter between tradition and innovation, authenticity and originality, passion and inspiration.

Portfolio – Made of Portugal was born out of this vision: a brand made of Portugal, which is also a place where Portugal meets the world. A curated selection of Portuguese brands united under a unique portfolio of products and experiences which reveals the best in us and conveys the very essence of Portugality.

Cross of Christ
Barcelos Rooster
Compass Rose

Products by Portfolio

A Journey to the Heart of a Country


The best way to extend the taste of Portugal is to take it with you and revive it in this selection of authentic and delicious flavors, from the iconic Port wine to a myriad of surprising delicacies.


From the voices of Fado to the verses of Pessoa, Portuguese culture is a dazzling, varied landscape waiting to be unveiled.


The most creative, contemporary side of Portugal in an inspired selection of design objects that interpret the Portuguese soul in an unexpected and innovative way.


Portugal can be felt on the skin, it fits like a glove. In our fashion selection, a unique identity is expressed in an unmistakable style that keeps pace with international trends.


Tradition reinvented in a selection of handcraft that expresses the authenticity and know-how of Portuguese arts and crafts.

In our worlds you can also find…


Every jewel tells a story and this one is a precious filigree of heritage and creativity.

Coffee Shop

The intensity of a cup of coffee meets the lightness of fresh Portuguese flavors.

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